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Trademark Agency Den Herder has been active in the field of Intellectual Property, carrying out registrations and dealing with matters in the Benelux, internationally and in the European Union for more than 25 years. We operate globally in the field of intellectual property through our own employees and or foreign correspondents to protect what can be considered as the most important asset of your company, YOUR TRADEMARK.

Due to the nature of the matter, it is not possible to provide an exhaustive discussion of our field of law on this page. The buttons provide information, but please contact us for tailored advice.

We controleren of uw benaming voldoet aan de merkvereisten

Kan uw benaming als merk fungeren?

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Why register your trademark with Den Herder?

Because Den Herder offers you the best specialists who will help you with your national, international or worldwide intellectual property matters.

The best specialists

Den Herder has been operating in the field of Intellectual Property for more than 25 years.

Personal & Fast

Privacy, personal service and speed is of great importance to our clients. We guarantee, therefore, that if you apply for a trademark before 10 AM, the trademark will be registered by 10 PM the same day. During that time we perform all research and administrative actions.

International network

Thanks to our international network, European and International applications are also processed within one day, depending on the time zone, administrative procedures, investigations and registrations.
In short: Den Herder, providing notable trademark service.

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